It is no secret that our minds have been programmed since birth. We believe what we have been told to believe, do what we are supposed to do and act the way we are expected to act because they said so. But who are ‘they’ anyway?

‘They’ were probably well-meaning individuals doing the best they could with what they had while they were raising us. But the reality is, they were just passing on their programming from their well-meaning caretakers, who were passing on their programming…

You get the picture! And now that you see it, you can decide to perpetuate the cycle or break it. Here are 5 easy ways to own your own mind.

1. Wake up. Take the blinders off and see the world anew. Stop seeing the world the way ‘they’
want you to!

2. Ask questions. A lot of them. Question what you don’t understand. Question what you think
you understood. Truly listen to both sides of every story. Be neutral about what you are finding
out and just see the possibility of an alternative truth.

3. Be open minded. Be open to a new thought, idea, or perspective that may be contradictory to
what you have always believed. Weigh the possibilities of what if…

4. Stay in wonder! Wonder about how many ways there are to tie your shoes, or fold sheets, or
drive a car, or study, or eat, or (fill in the blank) because after all, you were probably
programmed only one way! Wonder what other generations think about a topic you have a
strong opinion on! Wonder what life is like from different cultures. Wonder about what other
countries think of your country. Wonder about the value of time. Or money. Or family. Or
relationships. Wonder about everything!

5. Re-train your brain to think for yourself. See your brain as the massive computer system that it
is. It is time to run an anti-virus program to clean out all the old programs that no longer serve
you. Install the new programs of Wake Up, Ask Questions, Be Open Minded and Stay in
Wonder. These programs will help you re-train your brain and see the world in a whole new
light in a massive realm of possibilities and wonderment!