TRUE success in real estate is a very basic proposition. Too basic for some, but why make anything difficult when it doesn’t have to be.


  • Do you still need to lead generate? Yes, it just looks different.
  • Do you still need to ask for the business? Yes, it just looks different.
  • Do you need some bells and whistles? Yes, they just aren’t what you think they are.
  • Do you still need to follow up on leads? Yep!
  • Do you need to stay top of mind with your database? Yep!
  • Do you need to respond to calls, texts and messages? Yep!

These are the basics of being in real estate…What it takes to care for your business. That’s your job – taking care of the basics while growing your own business. That’s your main job. Do it well! Are you?

The sad truth is that it won’t take a lot to be stellar. Did you know that real estate buyers told us they place 3 phone calls to one agent before they get a call back?!?

Ludicrous! Ridiculous!

Did you know that your client will forget your name within 6 months doing business with you? Doesn’t sound right I know, but it’s been proven. That’s why top of mind marketing is critical, so the biggest bell and whistle you need is a way to stay in touch with past clients, SOI and anybody who would recognize your name. How you do that is the key to your success! If you would do it. So many don’t. So here is your chance to stand out, grow your business, care for your clients, care for yourself.

You can do it!

Theresa’s mission is to guide, coach, motivate, instigate, challenge, shake, support and ensure that you and the thousands of others just like you DO NOT stop there. She is comitted to ensure a very different and healthier future for the real estate industry and the men and women who are the backbone of it all. You, the real estate professionals

With over 35,000 hours of speaking and training real estate professionals nationally, Theresa has mastered the art and science of raising the bar for her audience and is called “the most inspirational speaker in the industry” by attendees and peers. Theresa has been a force in the evolution of the industry, working in the trenches while coaching hundreds of real estate professionals who referred to her as ‘Sensai’. She’s a highly sought after mentor to real estate professionals eager to work with her and join forces with her, as the synergy often causes a ‘Best Year Ever’ result.

Theresa’s level of success as a national speaker and coach is due to one thing that she claims is her greatest gift: “Being blessed with the ability to be given the words to say, in a manner in which one can hear them, at a time one can receive them.”

Theresa’s deep real estate expertise is often tapped by companies who hire her as:

  • The ‘Instructor’s Instructor’
  • Real estate expert
  • Advocate for real estate agents
  • Real estate course creator
  • Facilitator for major real estate conferences

No matter what her role might be, the most critical is to help ‘wake up’ the world to release old real estate programming that no longer serves the better good.

Theresa is proud to be the author of the best selling book, “Multiply Your Business”. With her latest book, “Flight Of Your Life: How To Get From Where You Are To Where You Dream To Be”, her mission is to cause a worldwide movement that empowers people from all walks of life to maximize who they are and to live the life they dream of living.

As a member of the national Real Estate Educators Association (REEA), she has served on the Board of Directors and is currently fulfilling her role on its Executive Committee, Co-Chairs and is lead instructor for REEA’s Gold Standard Certification IDW program, is the subject matter expert in Arizona for the nationwide CE Shop online real estate school, was contributing author for Kaplan University/Dearborn Real Estate Education and authored and hosts the Designated Real Estate Consultant online course.

Every industry has influencers who help shape the future. People like Theresa Baranabei who have a multi-dimensional view and understanding of what works and what and how to evolve an entire industry and the men and women who are its essence. As the Founder of Real Success 365, Theresa is taking this role to heart and committing herself to support you and the industry that has helped her achieve so many of her personal goals. It’s now your turn.


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