You have probably heard many times, that in business it is always good practice to give your clients and prospective customers ‘items of value’. But have you been told just what those are? Here’s some help!
Simply defined, it is something that is helpful and relevant to the person receiving it! In order to deliver the goods, you have to know what the recipient values! For example, if you are working with a buyer interested in purchasing a home, a great item of value would be a video explaining the purchase process. If you are working with a potential seller, give them tips on how to prepare their property for sale! Make your video as simple as possible and make sure you talk in lay person terminology! Those are just 2 examples but there are countless of other topics that are relevant to your future client. Just refer to the National Association of REALTORS® Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers! Our clients have told us exactly what they want and all we have to do is deliver it.
If you prefer to deliver items of value that are not business related, then find out what your clients personally value. If you don’t know, send out a survey and find out what their favorites are: music, movies, restaurants, flowers, pets, etc. A survey is a great way to get to know them better and will provide you with an endless list of giveaways!
You see, if you know that love comedy movies, make a quick phone call or drop them an email or handwritten note about an upcoming movie you just heard about! You don’t have to buy them the movie ticket. Just letting them know you thought of them when you saw the preview or read a review is value enough. They will appreciate the fact that you were thinking of them!
Sure, it may take a little bit of homework to find out what makes them happy, but every relationship takes a little bit of effort. A business relationship is no different and if you are looking to secure a client for life, there is no better way than to make them feel special with items that are valuable to theml!