As a professional coach, I get to hear what people say and determine where the blocks exist in their lives and business. And believe it or not, the biggest block is a very small, 3-letter word. That word: BUT.
When I hear the word “but”, I wait to hear what comes next. What you say after “but” discloses what is stopping you in your tracks or propelling you forward!
Now you will be paying attention to how many times you say the word “but”, won’t you? So let me give you the key points about that word. Whatever you say after the word “but” is your dominant thought. If you use “but” as a “yeah but” justifying why you can’t do something, then you won’t do it! If what you say after “but” is a positive statement of figuring out how you will do something, then you will do it!
Let me give you an example. Let’s say you want a new car. If you say, “I want a new car, but I can’t afford it”, you probably won’t get the car. If you say, “I want a new car, but I have to figure out how I can afford it”, your creative juices will get to work to help you figure it out. Chances are you will get your new car.
It doesn’t need to be a car. It could be anything that you want and don’t yet have. If you make the negative statement after the “but”, that is why you don’t have it. It’s that simple. How do I know? Because it shows me what you are thinking. The dominant thought is going from thought to words, and I know that what you think, about you talk about! And, what you talk about, you bring about. So if you have excuses in your thoughts, it can’t help but to come out in conversation! Unless we turn your thoughts, and therefore your words, your negative dominant thought will stop you in your tracks.
The good news is that you have full control over how you use the word “but”. Make sure that your positive, open minded thought follows “but”. It’s that easy to change the way you think! When you think differently, you talk differently. When you talk differently, you manifest what you want differently. It’s up to you. This one little change can make all the difference in the world!
When you begin to recognize how you use the word “but”, you will become very aware of what your dominant thought is! Awareness is the first step to change! The power is in your hands (Well, really it is in your thoughts, but you know what I mean!).